Ouya Offers Nothing Compared to New Xbox and PlayStation Consoles

"The Ouya is, in a way, the little engine that could of the gaming world. A lot of the support for the Android-based gaming system is based around the fact that gamers and people inside of the industry want to see the “little guy” make an impact and for there to be an increased focus on the indie gaming scene" |

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MultiConsoleGamer2149d ago

The author doesn't understand the market for this product.

bicfitness2148d ago

There is no real market for this product. People that want "dedicated" mobile games have tablets, Android and iPhones with HDMI out and any number of compatible controllers.

This is a niche within a niche product.

forcefullpower2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

This product will sell to anyone than wants XBMC and Plex. You will find Devs will dissappear fast once they realise there is no money in it becuase everyone will pirate the games.

Christopher2148d ago

The people interested in this are the people who own a Roku or similar device. It's meant to expand on what the Roku can do.

Ritsujun2148d ago

Ouya's a sacrificial console.

ApolloTheBoss2148d ago

This is good if you want to play emulators but yes everything else is pretty unnecessary.

3-4-52148d ago

or ya know we have a psp , vita or 3DS.

bicfitness2148d ago

"3-4-5" Dedicated "mobile" games, handheld ones are in a different stratosphere, as far as I'm concerned. Physical controls and the average production value is much higher than an Android/ iOS game. But, OUYA only does Droid/ iOS ports, hence why I never mentioned handheld games as there's very little crossover, SE and the occasional DS port aside.

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dvewlsh2148d ago

It's a super niche market.

Personally, I think that it's kind of cool and will be picking one up, but I just don't see it becoming even a little bit of a success. A small subset of the market want something new and different while most of the market just wants another Call of Duty and a platform to play that on.

We've seen a ton of people try their hands at consoles in the past that didn't have a market and they are all footnotes or the punchline to obscure jokes now.

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Godmars2902148d ago

I don't understand the market for it. The Steam Box either, other than that Valve fans are crazy for it.

Rush2148d ago

The Steam Box has a massive ecosystem behind it with thousands of AAA titles on offer. Ouya has a gimped Android app store how can you compare the two?

Godmars2902148d ago

Steam Box either has everything on Steam or it'll have next to everything on it due to possible hardware limitations. Nothing that isn't already available through PC, and nothing that's going to be at the massive graphical quality PC fanboys repeatedly demand and gush over.

Its automatically going to appeal to the Steam crowd because of the Steam name, but will it attract anyone from the general consumer market is the thing. In that instance it'll likely do no better than Ouya.

aceitman2148d ago

I know they raised all that money but I don't think they have enough money to advertise it. which can make or break it.

Hicken2148d ago

I'm willing to bet you poured some money into this thing. That's why you push it so hard and think people don't understand its "market."

Ouya's either catering to a market that doesn't exist, or one that's so small it's not likely to be profitable, let alone the major player you want to believe it can be.

specialagent45322148d ago

Agreed, the Ouya is being targeted at gamers that are into open source and indie game developers.

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PirateThom2148d ago

I like the concept of the Ouya solely for emulation of older games, but the price is just too high when I could connect my phone to my TV and a controller to the phone and achieve the same thing.

£50? I'll jump.

specialagent45322148d ago

True but the Ouya is coming with its own gaming library not the game library found on Google play store.

cee7732148d ago

but it runs on android, watch the hackers bring ouya games to many android devices, hell you can run apk's on kindle fire lol

kwyjibo2148d ago

I think Ouya's going to be more of a streaming box than anything else. Nothing wrong with that at the price it's going for.

Dlacy13g2148d ago

What Ouya offers is a cheap entry price for a console like experience on your TV....and playing what amounts mobile games adapted for controller play.

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