10 PS3 Games We'll Wind Up Playing On The PS4

"Having let us in on at least a portion of the PS4′s features, Sony are in quite a strong position to springboard from their February unveiling. We’ve been given a few game announcements, just enough to whet the appetite, but with plenty of room left for new titles to dominate E3."

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Ezz20132152d ago

hmmmm...what else do you see in the future ?!

Honest_gamer2152d ago

i don't know who you are but i will find you and i will kill you


Ezz20132152d ago


*pick the phone and call the police *

Hicken2152d ago

I had to give you both bubbles for that. I laughed quite hard.

Reverent2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

Ezz, I don't think he's kidding... His name is HONEST_gamer after all. 0_o

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d0nT wOrrY2152d ago

The Last of Us... my most anticipated game of all time.

Ninja_G_Aidan2152d ago

... Yet you have a pic of Naked Snake as your main profile pic?!

KingPin2152d ago

does that mean he's only allowed to look forward to MGS titles?

by your nick, i suppose you only waiting for a next ninja gaiden game to come out.

this site isn't what it used to be.

gameseveryday2152d ago


That's one of the most ridiculous comments I have ever read.

jini992152d ago

Does this mean The Last Of Us is coming on ps4 100%?

FPSRUSSIA2152d ago

its not 100 percent confirmed for ps4

Honest_gamer2152d ago

any AAA games out this year and last should be ported to PS4, who knows if we are lucky thats what happened to that game with the giant bird thing?

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