BAJA: Edge of Control Review (RaceDepartment)

There are games with niche followings, and then there are games that absolutely nobody played. Baja: Edge of Control is one of those games.

Lost in the skyrocketing popularity of Call of Duty and Halo, Baja: Edge of Control quietly landed on store shelves in late 2008, a month before the two major shooting franchises released their yearly variations. And it sat there. After six months, those copies were moved to the bargain bin, and eventually, GameStop. Today, over five years after release, online leaderboards struggle to show more than ten or eleven people with registered lap times at most tracks. Online itself was a ghost town since launch day. People simply didn’t buy this game.

And that’s a shame, because Baja: Edge of Control is a title that any motorsports fan shouldn’t hesitate to add to their collection.

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