Controller Freaks Episode 17

Welcome to episode of 17 Controller Freaks. Aaron, James, and I sit down around the table of brotherhood and find ourselves discussing:

Jordan the Instigator, Red Faction: Guerilla’s unrealistic (read: awesome) physics, Temple Run 2, BioShock: Infinite (but mostly just Elizabeth), Zero Punctuation, The CEO Shuffle, terrible Mario mods, Duck Tales, Old games on iOS, God of War’s Trial of Archimedes, video game longevity, people that listen to our show that you’ve never heard of, following us on Twitter (@SamWrightDPS, @depodemolisher, @mirahtrunks).

I also think we talked about Metal Gear Solid V in there, but I fell asleep while editing and I don’t feel like finding it again.
Guys, I’m awful and also sleepy. And, maybe, sorry…this is unverified.

Thanks for tuning in again. See us next week for more cool bro stuff.

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