OUYA – What The Hell Is Wrong With Everyone?

WC writes: ouya-console.nphd_Over the past several months I’ve watched with amazement as the Kickstarter darling console, the OUYA, blazed a trail held together with twine, banding wire, and dubious PR. This isn’t a surprise in itself as Kickstarter has been known to be the spawning chamber of dubious products (in addition to quality ones), but what’s perplexing is how the mainstream gaming media has swallowed everything the OUYA team and the face of the project, Julie Uhrman, has been spoon-feeding them since July of 2012. In its Kickstarter campaign alone, the OUYA, based on nothing more than carefully airbrushed mock-up art and lofty dreams, managed to raise over $8.5 million from over 60,000 backers, shattering all prior records for Kickstarter funding including Chris Roberts’ ambitious Star Citizen.

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LocutusEstBorg2149d ago

In 3 years this will be curb stomping the PS4 and 720 like how the iPhone 5 curb stomps the 360 and PS3 in graphics.