Understanding Bioshock Infinite's Ending – Ending Explanation


OK, so I noticed a lot of people are confused about the ending of Bioshock Infinite.

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jerethdagryphon2149d ago

so multiverse paradox and causal loops kay got it

Codeman4202149d ago

probably the best explanation of the ending ive read so far. Such an amazing game

BlackTar1872149d ago

i didn't find it overly complex tbh. But i can see how it could be.

Banok2148d ago

Bookers debts were settled when he sold anna, so why would he need to resettle them by saving the girl anyway? I guess because his memory is rewritten but that is a sloppy excuse.

anyway its a good overall story and fun game but tons of plot holes, and so much inexplicable stupid shit (like drinking potions to throw fireballs).

it gets on my nerves that it trys to take itself seriously that people take it seriously.