Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Review | Cheat Happens

Awful. Terrible. Lazy. Disappointing. Unoriginal.

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godzookie2148d ago

agreed, a cash in of a game

Ashunderfire862148d ago

Merle.... Your dead thanks to the governor hehe!!! Heck maybe the reason why they kill you off because, the game suck. They favor your brother.

Pozzle2148d ago

Dude, spoiler alert! Not every country has gotten the last episode yet!

Ashunderfire862147d ago

Sorry dude couldn't help it!!!

2147d ago
bestofthebest2147d ago

what goes around comes around hope someone spoils something for you in the future see how you like it

Ashunderfire862147d ago

It already happened too many times and it already came around to me.