The Elder Scrolls Online screenshots

Take a look at some new screenshots from The Elder Scrolls Online.

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ATi_Elite2151d ago

Looks good but I'm more concerned with how it plays and the amount of content.

I don't want repetitive missions of kill ten of these and go get me 5 of these just to make Leveling up a GRIND.

I want to be rewarded for just exploring the world and I want side missions that have meaning and purpose instead of just time filler.

Mainsqueeze2151d ago

You should go to the elder scrolls online website. They have a ton of previews of what people experienced at PAX east and a special press event that was held about a week before hand. From what I have read, I don't think any of the people that played ran into go kill x amount of bandit type quests. or bring me x amount of bear claw type quests. Im pretty sure people said they were awarded for exploration as well.

ATi_Elite2150d ago

cool i'll check it out

what do u think of ES:O you gonna get it

PM me back

ZodTheRipper2151d ago

I'd rather have another single player TES :/
Still playing Skyrim and can only imagine what they could do with next-gen hardware.

SatanSki2150d ago

They would create another unoptimised game with medicore graphics.