Xbox 360: Are you game for it?l

Perhaps the day is not far off when pigs will fly. Maybe even humans. In the fascinating world of gaming, everything is possible.

In a film marking the launch of Microsoft Corp's gaming device, the Xbox 360, in India, McCann-Erickson has tried to accomplish two tasks: to introduce the console to people and to build up the gaming category as a whole.

"Gaming is at a very nascent stage in India," says Mohit Anand, country manager, Microsoft Entertainment and Devices Division, India. "We had to take the concept of gaming out of a teenage boy's bedroom and expand the segment to include families and even office colleagues.

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LegendaryMark6339d ago

India is a huge market, and the gaming company that cracks it first will get some big rewards.

Looks like Microsoft are being fairly smart about their approach, not assuming that what worked in America will work elsewhere (because very often, it doesn't) and doing things like bringing in "brand ambassadors", plus marketing games that will appeal to the Indian market (I imagine "Yuvraj Singh International Cricket 2007" will have the same sort of appeal in India as Madden has in the US). Looks like some smart opening moves from Microsoft, I'll be interested to see how Sony and Nintendo respond when the time comes.


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zacly50m ago

I thought I was the only one


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rpad20h ago

wish it had a cameo by The Shocker from the Spider-Man comics

beerhound20h ago

Or had used that song "State Of Shock" by The Jacksons and Mick Jagger.