First North American PlayStation 3 Commercial

First North American television and cinema spot for the PS3.

HyperBear6343d ago

1. Putting a bunch of kids ages 12-15 on top of the buildings, is kind of weird considering the fact that i dont know too many 12-15 yr olds with a grand in their pockets just "waiting" to buy a PS3.
2. They all have backpacks on there, now if they were supposed to get a PS3, those backpacks will not be able to hold a PS3 in there, cause the PS3 is huge.
3. The Xbox 360 commericals are better for now, cause in their commercials M$ showed how much fun Xbox 360 is online and how great it is to have fun with friends and ppl around the world that you dont even know. This PS3 commercial just showed a bunch of kids, on top of a building with backpacks waiting for PS3 to come out. Doesnt really tell us anything about Online/Community or interaction parts of the PS3 or any fun that we are supposed to have with our 600 dollar machines other than, according to what the kids were doing, starring at it, hmmm how fun!

But seriously Sony. You can make a better commercial then that. If you really want to get a lot of ppls attention. watch the balloon fight and the skiping rope commercials for Xbox 360 and take some elements out of those and (i know its hard) but in your "Own Ways", make a commercial similiar, but describing what the PS3 will be able to do.

DJ6343d ago

and remix it. Use the '3 Shadow' idea and have a bunch of older teens and adults on everything from apartments to skyscrapers all within the first 6 seconds. From there I don't know what the hell they'd do, but some crazy CG action would kick ass. Like having sections of a city turning into some of the launch titles and freezing in motion, like soldiers duking it out with the Chimera and a bunch of smashed up vehicles from Motorstorm racing and colliding in the streets.

Something really unexpected that captures the slogan "Play B3yond".

HyperBear6343d ago

If they'd do that, that commercial would be insane. Cant wait for Nov. 17th. hey if you guys are getting SP3's what will your user-names be or ("Gamertag") be?

andy capps6343d ago

Nice commercial. Seems to just be an introduction to the ad campaign.. Looking forward to the next ads for this.

Hyperbear- My gamertag will be andy capps. Looking forward to playing Resistance online with all of you. Can anyone say 40 player matches of breach? :)

DJ6343d ago

but someone's obviously going to take it first. When I get one I'll let you guys know what it is.

jwatt6343d ago (Edited 6343d ago )

First off it's a good commercial to have before the ps3 launches, 2nd neither M$ nor Sony's commercial told us anything about the online community or interaction , it doesn't need to. No! the commercial is not as funny as the 360's commercial but it does grab your attention. I like it because it kind of reminds me of when you use to wake up early Christmas day because you were so excited and then when the boy saw the other kids on the rooftops it gave you the impression that your not the only one anxious for the ps3. I am 20 and I didn't feel alienated that the commercial featured only kids in it, in fact it kind of reminded me of being a kid. Of course kids don't have a grand in thier pockets, they get their parents to buy it. I know I am a sony fanboy but I know a good commercial when I see one and I know it's alot better than the Sony Blu Ray commercial. This will be a good commercial to show in theaters, I'm going to watch it again... can you feel the anticipation?

bilal6343d ago

great commercial.....

DJ, your idea is really great, sony should definitly make a commercial based on that it would certainly rock!

FadeToBlack6343d ago

That has me so excited I can't wait!!!