Dark Sector strikes back!

If there is a game that can be defined as next-gen, this is Dark Sector.

In 2004, Dark Sector has been the first game announced for next-generation consoles and, since then, Digital Extremes, the software house involved in the development, has released almost no material.

However, it seems that something is getting out from the Canadian software house. In fact, the last Game Informer issue reports some interesting and exclusive info on Dark Sector, along with 3 new screenshots showing a change in game-concept course.

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zypher5891d ago

this looks to be a drastic change from the cryptic sci-fi theme from the original trailer. still, any game with a Res Evil 4/GOW/GRAW type camera view is good for me. oh, and btw, even though this came from an XBox site, it should be marked as PS3 news as well. the game is due out on both systems.

power of Green 5891d ago

Is that why you're in here to tell us it's coming to the PS3 also. lol

zypher5891d ago (Edited 5891d ago )

um, yes. i'm quite sure that if i posted an article about a multi-platform game and marked it only as PS3, you'd have something to say about it. in any regard if you would've paid attention to what i said, you'd realize that my comment was more about the game.

DJ5891d ago

I actually liked the sci-fi feel of the original trailer, so hopefully the game takes a stylistic/atmospheric change during the story. I'd hate to see all that hard work go to waste.

power of Green 5891d ago


beans5891d ago (Edited 5891d ago )

this is one of those games that will come out of know where kind of like Riddick and kick some major azz!

Jakens5891d ago

My most wanted game for the moment.