Thank Heaven for Little Girls: Why Rule of Rose May Be 2006's Most Controversial Game

Rule of Rose is an unusual type of horror game, developed by Punchline, with very nice looking CG work from graphics house Shirogumi, published by Sony in Japan, and Atlus in the U.S. The story surrounds a group of young girls who exist on their own terms, living in a dilapidated orphanage called Rose Garden, which is dominated by a group of girls who call themselves the Aristocracy of the Red Crayon. As the protagonist, Jennifer, you and your canine companion must find a way to survive the wrath of the other girls, as well as the adults that exist in the area. The game has a rather sadistic bent, but also a somewhat erotic one, especially in the game's lush CG scenes, which might raise a few eyebrows upon release.

Gamasutra spoke with Punchline CG and game director Shuji Ishikawa, and Sony assistant producer Yuya Takayama, asking them difficult questions about the game's erotic bent, how they researched children (curiously enough, they rounded up a bunch of western kids), and why Sony chose not to release the game in the U.S.

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OutLaw6201d ago (Edited 6201d ago )

They were very careful in answering the questions about the controvery of the game. Sony wanted this game made. But when it came to the American public. Sony of America wouldn't even touch the game. Then they use American and European children for most of the emotions of the game. Then they use Japanese children for the motion captioning. Sony could be weird sometimes.

andy capps6201d ago

Agreed, I guess I can see why they're apprehensive about publishing it in the US with all the controversy over GTA: San Andreas and with several states getting pretty tough. The game sounds rather.. interesting.

Krimson6201d ago

The book Brave New World has quite a bit of child erotica in it, yet they actually encourage this book to be "studied" in North American english classes.

Controversial books are educational, controversial games are destructive?

OutLaw6201d ago

I see your point on the double standards.

Retard6201d ago

Videogame industry is going what the Movie industry stressed 70 years ago; as in nudity, sex; yadda yadda etc...

(i.e. The Outlaw)

Yet again it seems history is repeating itself.

RealDoubleJ6201d ago

anyone else notice they didn't say much on the game mechanics other than it'l be more like RE/Silent Hill than Siren? It sounds like getting a cheap buck out of an RE clone with some fancy CGI. I won't trash the game completely so early, but it just doesn't, hardcore? lol

Retard6201d ago

It's suppose to be a hardcore action/arsenally equiped shooting survival horror. But, I might be wrong; kinda nutz to think bunch of 16 year olds with lead pipes and machineguns.