PS3 Start Up Ringtone Here

Well this isn't really news but a few fans here might like it,so i'm posting it.

OK, so it's not a ringtone as such, but it is an MP3 of "the sound of PlayStation 3 starting up.

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TheMART5895d ago

Ring Ring... Hello, someone there? Oh no, it's the Sony network so probably no one will be able to connect ;)

specialguest5894d ago

Mart... you're just jealous, cus we all know that only the POWER of the Cell chip can deliver REAL-TIME ring tones.

Shadow Flare5894d ago

the xbox 360 would probably use 3 dvd's to play that mp3

kingboy5894d ago

lol seriously this mart guy got issues.Go for help man..u an addict

CAPS LOCK5894d ago

even though that was silly i still respect u though, i like ur original thinking, ur someone that people would love to hate and remeber, keep up the good or bad work. i also liked special guest and shadow's comments, bring on the comedy guys!!!