Terra Soft moves past Apple with first Cell-based supercomputing cluster

The announcement last year that Apple was moving to Intel-based hardware might have seemed like a fatal blow to Terra Soft Solutions, a company best-known for the Yellow Dog Linux distro. However, Kai Staats, CEO of Terra Soft, says that the move may be a blessing in disguise.

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LiquifiedArt5888d ago

Means We are gonna have a Sweet Version of Linux on the PS3, which in turn means, a larger developer community, EMUs and Homebrew. This also means the PS3 is more of a computer then a game console. WOOT!

kingboy5888d ago

hell yea man!good find i can just imagine cool homebrew applications in the futur

bung tickler5888d ago

just think of the multi player cheating... great... that is the number 1 reason live will be better, its closed.

super bill5888d ago

yeah.stuff the ps3 xbox live all the way.

whateva5888d ago

why is it that every time its good news about sony or PS3 you people try to find something bad about it and it just Make you look stupid so tell Me what Terra Soth making a supercomputer out of PS3's and Linux being on the PS3 have to do with XBOX Live? I got linux on My xbox and it did not hurt xbox live