Gamespot Giving Away a PS3

If you guys watch/read gaming site gamespot, then you would know that last night they had their yearly gaming event called After Hours, Which was a 6hr event with Xbox 360 and PS3 games to play and demoed games of Wii as well as a whole bunch of previews of games such as Bioshock, The Darkness, Super Monkey Balls, Battlefield 2142, etc. But just merely after the event, gamespot updated its page and had this to say

"Still basking in the afterglow of After Hours? Play the GameSpot After Hours Trivia Challenge. All the answers can be found within our video coverage highlights, so bone up on what happened, and you could win a PlayStation 3.

Contest Begins this Tuesday!
Contest runs forom 10/17/06 - 10/19/06 at 12 noon (pacific). The winner will be announced on On The Spot Thursday 10/19/06 at 4:00 p.m. (pacific).

On Monday gamespot will be putting up video coverage of everything that happend last night, and what will be on the trivia. SO get studying if you dont want to pay 600 bucks for the PS3. BTW, it comes with 2 controllers, not 1.

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TheMART5892d ago

Is it because no one wants it they give it away for free?

Lionel Hutz5891d ago

My God, Mart, that is the most profound comment I have ever heard in my life! Please, indulge me in your secrets of being so wise and witty.

Antan5891d ago

Aw, he just lost a bubble, thats what you get for writing absolutley nothing meaningful on this site whatsoever, take your over zealous comments and cult followers with you. Let the real gamers on here talk and discuss in a normal manor without been knocked down by your constant moronic outbursts of utter garbage!

TheMART5891d ago

Aha like all the articles I submit? Man if you can't stand sarcastic humor... Well you're a sad man then. Are you posting news articles yourself or only typing messages?

Why I loose bubbles is because I get spammed by Sony fanboys that are spamming me for anything they don't like. I really don't mind guys. Four bubbles, five. I'll just make my posts a bit longer to tell all I have to say

Antan5891d ago

Im all for sarcasm, lowest form of wit people say! i post the ood bit of news, but im too busy working to do much more im afraid. Ill just be sticking to typing the odd comment here and there on things that are in need of a little unbiased help. The majority of people on here do just fine diggin round the various websites to bring everything together.

Lionel Hutz5891d ago

"Four bubbles, five. I'll just make my posts a bit longer to tell all I have to say"

You're right. In fact, you only need one bubble to say all you have to say:
"PS3 sux."

We don't spam you for disliking something. We argue with you because you dislike anything and everything related to the PS3 without making any useful contribution to the conversation on the topic at hand. If you are going to hate a system and then come over to that console's area on the site, please at least provide insightful comments as to why you do not like the PS3.