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Bad Editing
Drop the exclamation mark from the title.
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Change type from video to trailer.
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pwnsause5966d ago

good job breaking NDA regulations.

blacsheep5966d ago

was what i saw at the end....COMING SOON

Violater5966d ago

Def needs custom soundtracks.

jwatt5966d ago

I know gameplay and graphics are going to be good I just hope they take advantage of Blu-Ray and add alot of features. I hope they take advantage of the harddrive also to reduce load times.

Marceles5966d ago

lol...i cant believe someone disagreed with Violater's custom soundtrack comment. I'm all for the in-game music, but out of every game I've played since last year, Motorstorm is a game that could've really used custom soundtracks. The other game was Fight Night...but I could kinda live with it since the music didn't play during fighting

sonarus5966d ago

in game music for a racer is definitely needed. Anyway here is what i was able to take away from that trailer. There will be destructible environments so the first person to pass through can F it up for everyone behind. Thats pretty much it. The CGI didn't look too far off from what they can achieve either.

Violater5966d ago (Edited 5966d ago )

Yea we have the regulars that go around hitting disagree and trying to take bubbles, matters not.

Additionally I think its a mistake using CG in trailers for this Gen.

The original Motorstorm CG trailer still leaves a bad taste...

Maddens Raiders5966d ago (Edited 5966d ago )

Violater, gotta call foul on that one buddy. The original target render compared to the way the game turned out for me was magnificent and I commend Evolution for a stellar job in making the best off-road experience on any console around. Period. Seeing is beliveing and nothing touches it.

btw - I'll waste anyone here on this game (Motorstorm 1), over and over and over again, so contact me if you wanna test. Not trying to sound like a prude, but it's true -- except Jin Kazama. That guy is pretty good! :P

Violater5966d ago

No prob Bro.

I would have much preferred to have seen in game assets.
Of course MS1 looks good, I bought it day one and btw am yet to play a game against u (too much warhawk maddens)
I just think that Ingame visuals have reached the point where we no longer "need" cg to promote the game.
Seeing as though the game is months off I guess this is the best we can get for now.

Shankle5966d ago

Well I think we can rest assured that MS2 will look better than the first game, just because that's the way things work in the games industry, and Motorstorm one was gorgeous. The fact it's in a jungle will really show off the great graphics too.
But the important thing is the split screen!! That was really the only major thing holding Motorstorm 1 back, so I feel I can safely say this will be among the best racers ever. The gameplay is just fantastic!

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UnblessedSoul5966d ago

I like the music, can't wait for in game footage

pwnsause5966d ago

song is pretty awesome, i dont mind listening Reggae while stomping someone with a monster truck.

InMyOpinion5966d ago (Edited 5966d ago )

The band is called Pendulum. song is called(you guessed it) Tarantula. Album is called Hold your color.

@PWNSauce - Check your ears, that's not reggae. Bob Marley, Gregory Isaacs and Eek-a-mouse are reggae.

tweaker5966d ago

I love Eek-A-Mouse. Wa do dem. lol

Jamaicangmr5966d ago

Def no reggae i understand the confusion though. It sounds more like reggaeton to me not sure.

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pwnsause5966d ago

Destructable enviornments confirmed, getting stomped by Monster Trucks Confirmed.

Breakfast5966d ago

Now they need to confirm less load times to push it over the top

gonzopia5966d ago

Totally agree with the load times... they're unbearable. Despite that, this trailer is ten ways to awesome.

Danja5966d ago

Sweet....destructible environments included + monster trucks

and im sure the game will looks this good...

marinelife95966d ago

Would love to see in game footage.

AlterEgo5966d ago (Edited 5966d ago )

pure monstertruck pwnage