GameStop Predicts PS4 Pre-Orders Will "Outpace Supply"

Earlier this year, the PlayStation 4 was announced and is set for a release of Fall 2013. Well, now everyone wants the console, as expected. Gamestop President, Tony Bartel, revealed in a earning calls early yesterday that over 900,ooo people have signed up for GameStop's "first to know PlayStation 4" list.

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GalacticEmpire2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

If you don't pre-order or queue at midnight prepare to wait at least a fews weeks or even up to a month or two to get a hold of one. PS4 is going to be a hot item if reality reflects all the predicted demand stores have been shouting about. It will be even harder to get a hold of if it only releases in one territory this year!

Wenis2033d ago

That really depends on what the price will be. I'm not seeing it as being $250 like the Wii, which was one of the main reasons it sold as at the time it was relatively cheap compared to the 360 and PS3. But I don't think the PS4 is going to be $599 again either

GalacticEmpire2033d ago

Oh yeah of course, price is paramount. As you say, you just know it's not going to be $600/£400+ again. It's quite a lot of tech still so yeah I don't think it's going to be Wii cheap either. I think $400-$500, pure guess.

With more PC-like architecture Sony should be able to give the PS4 a very competitive pricepoint. I can see it being out of stock, with a waiting list, for longer than most would expect.

4lc4pon32032d ago (Edited 2032d ago )

i cant wait

0ut1awed2032d ago (Edited 2032d ago )

I remember what the 360 and ps3 were going for on ebay the first few weeks after release...

That's why I am preording the ps4 (and the next xbox) as soon as I can just so I can partake in that this time :D

No doubt I will want to play both but I have a top of the line pc now so I think I can take the profit and wait a extra month.

NewMonday2032d ago

almost a million and for just one retailer, very impressive.

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ps3_pwns2032d ago

thats why i will preorder. the ps4 will have the most sales this new gen and have the most people playing online. Get them while they are hot or you gonna be missing out thats for sure. the ps4 will be 400-450 max and people will buy it more so now then ever because iphones and ipads and the like has people spending cash like that on the regular now.

believe me when I say the ps4 will be the dominate go to console. the other consoles will have substantially lower number of players on it or cost money to play online. your achievements are done

showtimefolks2032d ago

every time there is PlayStation new fans of other consoles say ps3 failed and ps4 won't be successful, my point is competition means we get better products, they fight harder to get our business so why are we so blindly in love with any company?

I been a PS fan since Day one, but i saw the mistakes sony made with ps3 and showing arrogance while saying development shouldn't be easy and system at $599 is a good deal(which IMO it was)

i don't think PlayStation brand has ever been stronger than this, KAZ taking over has done wonders for sony and PlayStation in general, i see this sony and launch of PS4 like they use to do with PS1-2

one thing i will say though is all of you complaining about sony fanboys, i still remember 2006-2008, when every other article was about sony doom and failure of PS3, so in a way what goes aroudn comes around

if a year ahead start
RROD meaning people buy more systems
XBlive established service
better 3rd parry support
more exclusive DLC

couldn't stop PS3 from over taking the xbox360 sales wise, what makes anyone think now Xbox brand will stop PS4?

offer free xblive
make system without issues
offer games
forget about casuals

and xbox brand can compete but MS is looking at this differently, its all about casuals and smart glass with windows 8 and bunch of apps like Netflix, end of the day its a gaming business and the reason ps3 will outsell wii and be the most selling console again for 3rd straight gen is because of software support

since release of MGS4 by Konami sony has stepped on gas paddle and even this year we got and will get more exclusives

ni nu kuni
sly 4
god of war

now last of us and beyond 2 souls

I am a PS fanboy, i admit it but unlike being blindly in love i see the issues with all consoles, these companies aren't paying any of us to be loyal so if they make a mistake they should be held accountable

SlavisH22033d ago

this is why i hope xbox comes out at the same time so if i can't get one hopefully i can find the other.

MysticStrummer2032d ago

Ha! If PS4 is sold out and NextBox is available, I'll definitely wait for a PS4. It's got nothing to do with specs and everything to do with exclusives. That's a subjective thing, but from what I've seen any MS "exclusive" I find interesting will eventually be multiplat anyway. Not so with the PS exclusives I like.

PS4isKing_822033d ago

I think Sony has captured the ps2's spirit this time with the ps4. I remember all the hype and excitement back then in 2000 and I'm getting that same vibe now with ps4, I didn't feel it with ps3 tho. But ps4 deff feels like the second coming of ps2.

Can't wait!!!

Insomnia_842032d ago

Kaz is doing an amazing job!. Ever since he took over, everything seems to be going in the right direction.

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