Nintendo of France: Games Will Improve Wii U Sales, Not A Price Cut

Boost in 3DS sales attributed to first party releases

A lot has been said about the Wii U and its slow sales in 2013. For example, research emerged yesterday from ABI which claimed the success of Nintendo's new home console hinged on a price cut.

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lilbroRx3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

I have been saying this for months now. I always thought it was common sense, but I have been getting bashed nonstop for stating it.

Software sales hardware. When I bought the PSX/PS2 I didn't do it because I had something twisted love for Sony. I did it because they had the most games that I wanted.

When I bought the Wii it was because it had the most games that I wanted with the control scheme I found the most fun to play them with. The same will be the case for the Wii U when the games like Monolith's new project and Fire Emblem X Shin Megami Tensei, Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2 and various big Indie games release.

They got off to a slow start, but in the end, Nintendo will deliver.

dedicatedtogamers3602d ago

There are more articles trying to defend Nintendo than articles discussing the WiiU's upcoming games. Cmon, Nintendo. Less talk. More games.

Brucis3602d ago

To be fair almost every other WiiU article is trying to slam it, but I agree. Talk about the upcoming games, there's plenty announced.

Root3602d ago


Really because articles like this one

Are people trying to slam it...usually them kind of articles end up pointing something out which the PS4 and probably Nextbox can do better then the Wii U. Then people say it's people hating on it, if an article got posted saying "The Wii U sucks because..." then fair enough but when articles have legit criticism against the console then you have to think and question what Nintendo are doing.

Take away, third party support and better specs and what is the Wii U left with....exclusives, thats all.

PopRocks3593602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )


Funny you link that article. I was called a delusional fanboy there for pointing out that no one stated the Wii U could not support UE4 and that Mark Rein already stated a year ago the machine could run it but scaled down. And those being insulting received most of the agrees.

It only tells me that people who legitimately criticize Nintendo are incredibly rare and that those who hate Nintendo will grasp for just about anything to slam the company/console/fans in some way.

EDIT: Before anyone jumps down my throat trying to "correct" me, in this new article Mark Rein said that Epic is not doing UE4 games for Wii U. This was stated way back when as well. However it's not stopping another developer from making games with the engine.

Until someone specifically states the contrary, I don't see much reason to believe otherwise.

cleft53602d ago

Don't worry too much about haters. I keep hearing and seeing people go on and on about price cut this and price cut that, but the reality is that Nintendo has to get games out their to make the console highly desirable before they start thinking about price cuts. Its really like you said.

This isn't a chicken or the egg scenario, before the WiiU can sale more there has to been enough quality games on the console that it has irresistible appeal. Hype can certainly sell consoles, but ultimately it dies away and so do sales a la the Wii.

The WiiU is set to do the opposite, with slow sales at the start, discounting the initial way of purchases, and greater sales in the future. Pretty much what Sony is doing with the PS3 right now. Once all those games you mentioned hits, then and only then, can we start seriously talking about price cuts.

PopRocks3593602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

Try telling this to LOL_WUT.

EDIT: Frankly I can't imagine anyone clamoring for a price cut unless they actually intend to buy one. If you think it's simply a good business strategy, the last few weeks have proven otherwise. Without AAA titles and more awareness, the hardware can't sell no matter what price it is at. That's why the Vita, 3DS and PS3 struggled early on as well. A few games and better marketing down the line and all three of those were better off after the first year.

A big problem with the Wii U right now is that there is a huge lack of awareness. Those who are aware either don't care or don't realize it's a new console. That, to me, is an issue in dire need of fixing.

NastyLeftHook03602d ago

i have faith nintendo will come out of this. i love there games.

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imsocool12343602d ago

Even with a price cut for the Wii U, it's not going to save Nintendo's ass from doom. Why? Because they don't want to change for the most part. They will continue to milk and put out all that same old shovel ware. They're like a generation late.

lilbroRx3602d ago

Did you even bother to read this article? It was saying the entire point is that a price would make no difference as price is not the issue at all.

This has 0% to with price. The price is fine.

The issue here is game. There are few on the console now. There will be many in the future, however. Sales will increase whether people want them to or not.

Kuya003599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

yep. a generation where production costs of games rise and profits are pratically nonexistant.where games have to sell millions of copies just to balance how much they spent. where art direction means crap against graphics based on gray and nothing else. where developers sacrafice creative risks for their products to play it safe. this next gen is gonna be terrifying.

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