Photo of PS3 hard disk

News taken from french site play3-live.com - babelfish translation.

"The official PlayStation 3 site reveals to us a photograph of the hard disk which will be present in both packs of the PS3, 20 Go and 60 Go. Sony reminds us that this hard disk could be changed by the user, by any disc with the format 2,5 inches."

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DJ6260d ago

I'll probably buy a 120GB drive and just shove that in. Only $90 so I might as well. =]


kmis876260d ago

It's really cool that they made it so any 2.5'' disk can be used, but I wonder how that would work with the stuff that needs to be installed from the getgo like the Os and the web browser. Will that not matter or will information need to be transferred to the new drives before they can be used? Anyways, having a choice on what drive to use instead of having to pay a ridiculous amount for a proprietary drive is a good thing.

HyperBear6260d ago

I think the OS/Linux will just built into the PS3, like i think it will be saved elsewhere not on the HDD, but everytime you turn it on, with HDD in or out, the OS will appear other wise, giving you the option to put other HDD's that are 2.5", which Ive got tyo say is a really neat feature to add on to the many neat features of the PS3. But im not quite sure how that OS/Linux thing will work.

Brandon6259d ago

i think that the os will be on a flash memory like the psp or bios for computer, instead in the hdd you can put video/demo/music and other things, plus you can install linux if you want, i hope that they will use standard table partition not like that damned ps2 table :P

CAPS LOCK6260d ago

but it is still good news though. the 360 had a 20gb drive forever and there have been no upgrades either, also the 360 os takes up about 13gb.

the ps3 is not out yet but sony still impresses me , they give us a choice so we dont have to always buy products made from them.

bung tickler6260d ago

the os does not take up 13gb it takes up about 7 and you can remove some of the extra stuff to free up more space.

Brandon6259d ago

but 7 gb it's still too much for an os that is just an embedded os, vista take up to 8gb and it's still too much but it's a complete os, a minimal installation of linux with kde take up to 700mb and you have a lot of things that an embedded os for a console doesn't need, you can also run linux within a floppy for just 1.4 mb so it's really strange that xbox use all that space

shotty6259d ago

Its' 7 GB reversed for system use. IE. Game updates, system caching, user profiles and whatever microsoft needs. The OS is on a bios since the xbox 360 runs without a harddrive, something the ps3 can't do.

I'm pretty sure when swapping harddrives your going to have to use some sort of USB cable to plug the new harddrive in to transfer data, which I think the xbox 360 is doing.

Also in defence of the xbox 360, you can also use any harddrive with that to save music and videos and it plugs in through USB.

EnforcerOfTheTruth6260d ago (Edited 6260d ago )

...just another master stroke by Sony. Honestly, who wants to fork out $99 for only 20GB? Probably only blind MS fanboys that doesn't even get MS is screwing them bigtime.

DJ - your linked HDD ain't serial ata, it's the old format ATA = IDE HDD. SATA costs a little more, but not much, around $10. I did a little research for my great slogan that I have as signature in a forum:
Twice the size, but half the price, thanks Sony !!!

DJ6259d ago

My bad. Thanks for the heads up.

FeralPhoenix6259d ago (Edited 6259d ago )

Yeah, I like the idea that you can use any 2.5 HDD with the PS3 thats was a very "cool" move by Sony...at the same time I don't think the HDD size is that big of a deal for either console because I simply brought a 3rd party adapter for about $20 bucks that lets me transfer downloaded content from my 360 to my 100gb laptop, but either way since I prefer "choice" I would still say this is a definite plus for PS3.

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