Seven under-rated single player epics for the long weekend

OXM's Edwin writes: "The sun is shining, there's a half-finished copy of Bioshock Infinite back home, I've got a third-hand 3DS in the post (it cost £80 - sucks to be you, launch buyers!) and another long Easter weekend is upon us. How are you spending yours - engaging in religious ceremonies? Decapitating make-believe rabbits? Dying of chocolate? Visiting your drunken excesses on relatives? Or playing videogames?"

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dirigiblebill2122d ago

Needs moar Lords of Shadow.

Moncole2122d ago

Singularity is a great and fun game.

MikeMyers2122d ago

Yes it is. Too Human on the other hand wasn't.

Morgue2122d ago

I remember playing the Too Human demo on the 360 and I thought it was horrendous. I came across the game last summer for $3.00 and couldn't stop playing it.

M_Prime2122d ago

No More Heros needs to be on that list

Baka-akaB2122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

Lots of mediocre titles in that list save Amalur and Overlord . There are better underrated titles out there , some more ignored than that list

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