Games Radar: Mystery Dungeon Review

Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer offers a lot of quality gameplay to a very small audience. What it does, it does very well. Games Radar are sure there's a small audience that will adore the game. They are also sure the majority of today's gamers will find it nasty, plodding, and archaic.

You'll love:
- Intense, strategic gameplay
- Intriguing "puzzle" dungeons
- Quirky characters

You'll hate:
-Random generation can be stupid
-Dying makes you lose everything
-WiFi feature isn't too useful

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PS360WII3966d ago

Now this sounds like a good RPG! Taking back in the days of not knowing if you can make it through the dungeon without dyeing and losing everything you've worked for in an instance of a fight you can't win. ^^ Now see why can't we have more games like these? Why must all new RPG be nice to you and forgiving :(