GTAIV expected to sell 9m units

Following Take Two's financial results last night, leading games analyst Michael Pachter has said he is unimpressed with the results, though he does expect GTAIV to be an overwhelming success.

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belal3961d ago

...... leaving my comment in the open zone

belal3961d ago

that it would sell 9 mill xbox units the he is craaaazy. numbers like this will probably be on the ps3 becous of the ps2s popularity. i bet that most of the casual gamers dosent even no about the content lool.

Daz3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

They mean 9 mill over both platforms they didnt say nothing about 360 only.
And not being funny but it wont make 9 mill on ps3 now, maybe in the furture when most of the ps2 owners buy a ps3, if they do.

gunnerforlife3961d ago

does anyone actually give a sh1t what this guy thinks lool and he probably meant how many copies GTA4 is gone sell he should make himself more clearer instead of just chating rubish all the time.

belal3961d ago

i know :) but who do u think will sell most ps3 or xbox 360 ? thats the quastion everyone wants. i think that ps3 will sellmore becouse of the brand and how the game is more popular on the ps brand. casual gamers will probably buy it for ps3, i bet that most of them dosent no about the content that will come late this year.

tweaker3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

9 million sounds just about right.

masterg3961d ago

My bet is 10 mill.

Definitely the best selling game of 08.

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The story is too old to be commented.