GTAIV masking 'recurring problems' at Take Two

Michael Pachter predicts that publisher will enter into talks with EA before the release of next-gen title

In the wake of last night's financial report from Rockstar-owning Take Two, Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter has stated that the upcoming financial uplift that will accompany the release of GTAIV is not enough to hide the problems faced by the publisher.

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mighty_douche3966d ago

Michael Pachter had a lot to say lately huh. GTA is going to make them plenty of cash to stay independent for sometime (if that's what they wanna do) and they've got a lot of fantastic looking title's on the horizon. Also let's be honest, if EA thought they were worth 2 billion thing's can't be to bad.

Either way, if they did decide to sell out why would it have to be EA, I'm sure there's plenty of other companies with cash who would be interested. Plus if your gonna work for someone would you want it to be EA?

Seraphim3966d ago

You see the problem is that GTA is Take Two's only real asset. Without GTA this company would have been sold in some way or another, or dismembered LONG ago. And outside of being a professional and knowing how much their sports titles bring in it's hard to say that 2k Sports is profitable enough for potential buyers to pay up for Take Two. Outside of EA who is the sports king; sadly enough. Bioshock is a great new IP and has certainly raised the bar a little I'd imagine and that could prove to be a profitable IP short term. But at the end of the day GTA is Take Two.

Personally I felt that 2 Billion was a very generous offer and thought for sure they'd take it. And I'm sure no other Publisher/Developer will put up that much money to secure Take Two. EA on the other hand has an investing interest not only in GTA but 2k Sports as well which in turn would allow EA total monopolization of sports games. But it seems to me that this has become and annual topic. Take Two for Sale, Who wants to pay up? They just don't produce the revenue to keep investors happy, and it seems that they're constantly doing nothing more than staying afloat until the next installment of GTA can lift them back up... They certainly make enough money off GTA to keep the clogs moving but this has become an annual event and I continue to see it as such until someone actually buys Take Two...

cr33ping_death3966d ago

again..... EA on the cover of a GTA game = no money from my pocket to theirs.

mccormack3965d ago

Surely you just buy a game if its good or not, not just because it may say EA on it, that seems a bit silly.

Danja3966d ago

Take Two...should just ask Sony to Buy

skynidas3966d ago

That would be awesome!LOL