Alienware M15x Has Major Problems

Ruh Roh Raggy. Alienware has some cleaning up to do. Apparently, their new M15x monster gaming laptop is killing itself.

The gaming laptop is having some major overheating problems and the cases are cracking simply from opening and closing the lid. Not good at all.

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fiercescuba3969d ago

If I'm paying top dollar for a gaming rig and it breaks with everyday use... not gonna be pleased.

drunkpandas3969d ago

Yeah hopefully Alienware looks into these issues and does a little more QA on these high-end gaming laptops. I'd be very pissed if I shelled out $3k or more and the thing overheats and cracks

meatnormous3969d ago

It kills me when people buy a dell computer. They are overpriced and they aren't very future proof. Dell bought Alien Ware awhile back and it seems that they are starting to trash this line of products.

Tyrael3969d ago

Alienware's are a novelty. No offense to anyone who owns one but you would be lying to yourself if you thought they didn't have some markup to em. I can understand buying a name brand laptop, but if you want a Godly desktop, I would suggest saving a few hundred and learning to build one yourself. For $1000, anyone can make what Alienware charges almost double.