GTA IV May Carjack Iron Man Ticket Sales

The target audience for the upcoming Iron Man movie may be preoccupied with Grand Theft Auto IV, releasing days earlier, softening box office sales.

Industry watchers often warn game developers that they are competing not only with other game companies, but also with other forms of entertainment, such as movies.

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LSDARBY3966d ago

tbh i wouldnt wanna go to the cinema for a while after ive bought a game like gta. So yeah its probably gonna affect movie releases around the same time.

Exhaust3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

And I'm really interested in the Iron Man movie. The previews look great but I'll be far too busy with GTA IV to go the movie theater opening week.

I'd say it will hurt the movie the first couple of weeks but if its good it'll have legs and do well in the weeks afterward.

I think its awesome the game industry is so big now that movies and music releases have to try to avoid being overshadowed. This is a great trend for our industry.

Lord Vader3966d ago

It might hurt alittle bit, but me personally, I'm going to see Iron Man when it's released. So far, it looks really good.

gunnerforlife3966d ago

oh well to bad for the movie loool

butterfinger3966d ago

away from the hundreds I will spend playing GTAIV. I think I can spare those couple hours lol.

mindedone3966d ago

I'm not sure how much competition movies are for the video game industry

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