Brash Inks Film License Deal With Folklore Dev Game Republic

Brash Entertainment (Alvin and the Chipmunks, Jumper) has announced it will collaborate with Japanese studio Game Republic on an unannounced game based on a Hollywood film.

Game Republic was founded in 2003 by veteran producer Yoshiki Okamoto, credited with the development of major franchises such as Street Fighter and Resident Evil during a long tenure at Capcom. The company's most recent titles include Folklore and Genji for the PS3.

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name3961d ago

Eh -_- Saw the words "folklore dev" and immedietly assumed a sequal to folklore. Oh well :(

meepmoopmeep3961d ago

yeah, i jumped to that conclusion as well, i would live a sequel to folkore.

hollywood to game doesn't interest me since most fail.

Muff1nB4k3r3961d ago

Unless it happens to be something for consoles that is not related to movies, the game will stick off my radar... game republic! get going on folklore 2 / sequel!