Uefa Euro 2008, Screenshots and Developers Diary

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By Gary Paterson, associate producer

When we first sat down to talk about what it was we wanted to achieve on UEFA Euro 2008 it was clear that we wanted our focus to be on quality and emotion. Quality in that we wanted to continue to enhance the football engine that we had been developing for the previous 3 years, and emotion in that we wanted to capture the feeling and passion of the Euro tournament. In addition to this we wanted to create a gameplay feeling that was clearly different to what had already been released on Xbox 360 & PS3.

To achieve this we looked at what it was about the Euro finals and qualifying games that made them so dramatic. What we found was that a team's tactics often set the tone for the match. Smaller nations often played defensively against the larger nations, getting men behind the ball, trying to stifle their superior opponents. This in itself creates an emotion and a tension throughout the game – will the 'big' team be able to break them down, or can they hold out. So this is one aspect that we have carried through into our game. Each team will alter their tactics pre-game and during game depending on their status and the tournament and match context. The effect is dramatic, emotional and very rewarding. Seeing teams go 5-4-1 when defending a lead or pushing forward in a 4-3-3 to try and get a vital equalizer creates a very fulfilling, unique gameplay experience.

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