Capcom's Secret Game Test Photo Uncensored and Small

Earlier, Kotaku posted that Capcom has been focus testing a new game, which could be Lost Planet Colonies or something else entirely. Capcom's PR blog posted a pic of the focus testing with the TV monitors blacked out. Thing is, Capcom left the Exif thumbnail on the original JPEG image.

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ThaGeNeCySt3963d ago

whatever that is, it looks booty =/

Hope this is a joke lol

romaink3963d ago

looks like an arcade title

ASSASSYN 36o3963d ago

That isn't steel-battalion...looks like an arcade game. Boo that sh\t.

Dark_Vendetta3963d ago

The first one looks like a arcade game. The second one looks like it's a retail game (well I think so ...) because there is a big texture in the middle. But there is still a ugly map at the right. It could simply be a game in early developement but it could once again be an arcade game ...

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