Top 10 Most Underrated PC Games

The ten games here all share one thing in common. They are all A+ titles, but have never really enjoyed great success. Some got great reviews only to find their sales figures didn't quite match the enthusiasm of the press, and some were near perfect games ruined at the time of release by major bugs and technical flaws that have since been fixed. Here, we pay homage to some amazing games of the last 15 years that just might have flown under your radar.

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Captain Tuttle3964d ago

I totally agree with Bloodlines...hell, everything Troika did (except ToEE, that was a buggy pos).
The article really needs a "next page" button though.

MK_Red3964d ago

Agreed but even ToEE could be enjoyed. But Troika indeed made so many classics. Arcanium is my fave followed by Bloodlines.

French_Dude3964d ago

Agreed, Bloodlines was one the best RPG in recent years. Unfortunately it was extremely buggy. But a great game nonetheless.

MK_Red3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

Bloodlines was indeed a buggy mess but the great fan community has been releasing patches to this day and the game much much better now.

Wow, 6 disagrees for my comment and explanation...

Either someone thinks ToEE is the worst game of all time or hated Arcanium with a passion.

Captain Tuttle3964d ago

Wasn't THAT bad, I guess. I just had such high hopes for it and it let me down.
And Arcanum is indeed Troika's greatest work...I think it's my favorite RPG behind the 2 Fallouts

MK_Red3964d ago

True. ToEE was indeed disappointing. It could have been much better and expectations were rather high but the game failed to deliever.
Still, it was playable and could be enjoyed to some degree but was nowhere near other Troika games.

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MK_Red3964d ago

My choices for most underrated PC titles would be:

4.Post Mortem
6.The Witcher
7.Beyond G&E
9.Bad Mojo
10.Little Big Adventure 1 & 2

Captain Tuttle3964d ago

Is STALKER really that good?

MK_Red3964d ago

I believe it is. Give it a try my friend. It's made by a group of Fallout fans and has some similair elements and themes though it is mostly FPS.

LeonSKennedy4Life3964d ago

I'm in the open zone again.

There's no reason for it though.

I don't understand...

Does somebody just not like me...or Jake Gyllenhaal...or what?

SlyGuy3964d ago

galactic civilizations II anyone?

mariusmal3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

underrated ? hell the last express and ascendancy are still my favorite games of all time. i still own them with the big a$$ card box :D

BTW the ascendancy AI patch didnt came out that late. it came out 6 months after the original release, the problem was that at the time few ppl had internet at home. like myself, i got it from a friend who worked in a game's magazine.

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