Gaming Goss: GTA3's legacy

Controversial, critically adored and bestselling games come along once in a generation; Doom can perhaps claim to be the first to tick all these boxes, but for Grand Theft Auto 3 the acclaim - and the criticism - are still making waves in the gaming world more than six years since it first arrived on the PlayStation 2.

GTA3 has not only come to represent an era in gaming, but its impact, style and of course the astronomical sales continue to resonate in an industry that is still maturing and finding its feet.

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Exhaust3964d ago

Grand Theft Auto 3 had a massive effect on the gaming industry. It showed using middleware allowed developers to focus more on content than technology. It created the sandbox genre. But most important of all... It did more to push adult gaming than any game ever made. Rockstar proved that its not just kids that play video games. The console industry is over 30 years old now. Games made specifically for adults have a huge market.

As adult gamers we have to stand up and be counted to make sure the old out of touch government officials don't step in and censor our medium because they think its still 1977 and only kids play video games.

We need more developers like Rockstar.