Gaming Goss: GTA3's legacy

Controversial, critically adored and bestselling games come along once in a generation; Doom can perhaps claim to be the first to tick all these boxes, but for Grand Theft Auto 3 the acclaim - and the criticism - are still making waves in the gaming world more than six years since it first arrived on the PlayStation 2.

GTA3 has not only come to represent an era in gaming, but its impact, style and of course the astronomical sales continue to resonate in an industry that is still maturing and finding its feet.

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Exhaust5683d ago

Grand Theft Auto 3 had a massive effect on the gaming industry. It showed using middleware allowed developers to focus more on content than technology. It created the sandbox genre. But most important of all... It did more to push adult gaming than any game ever made. Rockstar proved that its not just kids that play video games. The console industry is over 30 years old now. Games made specifically for adults have a huge market.

As adult gamers we have to stand up and be counted to make sure the old out of touch government officials don't step in and censor our medium because they think its still 1977 and only kids play video games.

We need more developers like Rockstar.


Grand Theft Auto III Unreal Engine 5 Remake Comparison

A new Grand Theft Auto III comparison highlights the massive visual differences between the unofficial UE5 remake and the Definitive Edition

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brewin468d ago

Wow, now thats UNREAL! Why do they try to hose us with re-releases when the community can do this with UE5?! Holy crap thats absolutely insane and puts T2 to absolute SHAME!

porkChop468d ago

That's actually incredible.

467d ago
Profchaos468d ago

So yes it looks good but the thing is once you start building new assets and making significant changes like what's been done here it stops being gta 3.
In the example shots roads are so narrow they are essentially one way streets.

I'm not crapping on the work.this guy did it's fantastic but it's not gta 3.

This isn't a gta 3 remake in ue it's a fan game that uses gta 3 as inspiration if that's better or worse it's subjective.

Gta definitive wasn't great but that was more related to the ugly character models and bugs 1 was an attempt by gsg to leave a mark on the game the other was their lack of care.

467d ago
Gardenia467d ago

Part of the charm of GTA is the semi cartoonish look it has. Making it too realistic doesn't fit the game.

LordoftheCritics467d ago

Remove the main character walking and its another generic enviroment demo.

467d ago
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Grand Theft Auto III could have been an Xbox exclusive

This was told in the documentary series “Power On: The Story of Xbox” According to part 3 of this documentary series about the history of the Xbox

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ApocalypseShadow657d ago (Edited 657d ago )

Yup. Back when Microsoft was making some very bad decisions. They could have been the one that launched GTA. They could have had Heavenly Sword. They made a bad deal with Nvidia. And so on.

But, it worked out that Rockstar went multiplatform and Ninja Theory is now part of Microsoft after many years. And AMD won the contracts and Nvidia tech is not used by any home console manufacture except for portables like Switch.

Ah. Game history.

Lexreborn2657d ago

Heavenly sword as an IP has always been owned by Sony. Where did you hear MS could’ve had it?

Vanfernal657d ago

The very first first reveal of Heavenly Sword was a pc build on an Xbox website. Sony acquired the publishing rights later.

ApocalypseShadow656d ago (Edited 656d ago )

Guess you don't know your gaming history.

At one time, Heavenly sword was running on PC and then an early Xbox 360 prototype but was canceled in favor of PS3.

I'm well aware who owns the IP.
Lol. So you're wrong. Take that to the bank. Vanfernal knows and says it below. I didn't say they owned the game. They own the developer. Did I have to spell it out.

Lexreborn2655d ago


When someone asks a question after a statement it’s them challenging their initial belief. Van gave a reason in which it was liked for giving the info.

Not knowing about one games point is pretty irrelevant to a whole of my gaming knowledge.

Profchaos656d ago

Actually rockstar didn't go multiplatform initially GTA 3 and vc were PS exclusive for a while and San Andreas also had 1 year exclusive period I remember being in high school and that week you were either waiting for San Andreas if you owned a PlayStation or halo 2 if you owned a Xbox

ApocalypseShadow656d ago

GTA 3 was PS2 exclusive. Now, GTA is multiplatform as it's ported to other consoles and mobile.

What is it with these kids these days. Lol.

NeoGamer232657d ago

Should've, Would've Could've - Didn't

zarbor656d ago

Well someone like to highlight MS failures. Sorry there are too many to count. If not for their incredible sized budget, they might not be around today. I'm glad they are so that the rest of them do not sit on their laurels. Nevertheless, it was clear and still is clear today MS had no idea what the **** they were doing back then. They "Jumped In" and did little to no homework.

Give them credit they have learned a few things since then. A GTA exclusive back then, would have changed the console gaming landscape. My only issue is that they still make some dumb decisions today and clearly have shown they still have much to learn....but they are getting better.


Why GTA 3 Is the GTA Trilogy Game That Has Aged Best

As the oldest entry in the GTA trilogy, GTA 3 is often overlooked, but time has shown that this may be the title that has aged the most gracefully.

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isarai684d ago

SA aged best to me, especially after you max out your skills, shooting especially becomes far closer to something modern.

barom684d ago

Always loved GTA3 the most. Everything has personality, the islands, the areas, the gangs etc.

fitofficial684d ago (Edited 684d ago )

GTA3 was always my favorite too.


ZeekQuattro684d ago

Being a huge Scarface fan. Both the movie and PS2 game I like Vice City the best. I'm also a sucker for the 80s so I'll always give that GTA an edge.

TheColbertinator684d ago

Vice City had the look, the characters and the music. Legendary game.

porkChop683d ago

It's fuckin criminal that we never got a remaster of Scarface: The World is Yours. I was really hoping it would get added to BC on Xbox, but that's not going to happen now.

Profchaos683d ago

Could still happen right ?