6 Ways to Enjoy the RRoD

Having recently had his Xbox 360 fail just shy of its 11 month birthday, Fuchal of joined the long list of gamers in the RRoD Club, or what he calls the "Can't Beat American Made Brigade." But being the sneaky Gen X type that Fuchal is, he felt that he would make the process of the repair cycle a reward in itself – what he calls 'Gonzo Consumerism'...

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TriggerHappy3962d ago

This will not end well. Am expecting a minimum of at least 15 reports on this post or better yet a FAIL. People are very sensitive when you mention RRoD.

NextGEN Gamers3962d ago

You are probably right, hahaha. But I reckon it is a pretty even handed article...


Lifendz3962d ago

but I'm going to go kiss my PS3. So reliable, so entertaining, I'm so happy I made the right decision.

Sayai jin3962d ago

@Lifendz- Yes it looked like you made the right decision. Me, on the other hand have 2 origonal launch 360 and have not had any issues with either. The nintendo Wii that I brought still works flawlessly, but I am on my 2nd PS3. The first one blew it's power supply after 2 weeks of owning it. I really was not that mad, but I was thinking that statistacllly based on all the news and articles that one if not both of my 360 should have kicked the bucket. Oh well I chalked it up to bad luck,

Real Gambler3962d ago

Just in case one fail????

Seriously, this article is flamebait material, but still a little bit funny. It does apply to more than just the 360. Love the phone book and peanuts idea...

Homicide3962d ago

LMFAO Lifendz! I lol'd. Bubbles for you. I should give my PS3 a kiss and a hug.

VirusE3962d ago

Trigger i must agree that the Rrod makes 360 owners get seriously butt hurt but then again PS3 owners get butt hurt about not having any games and wii owners get butt hurt over the perception that the wii is for kids. If you are a fanboy you are going to get butt hurt its part of the fanboy MO. Its really funny to me how serious people take their console choice.

The Wood3962d ago in point i suppose. lol im kidding

that no game thing is nonsense though where as the rrod thing is not

Diugu3962d ago

I actually need more time to play the games I already own.

Sayai jin3962d ago

@Real Gambler- I got a second one for my bedroon upstairs. I own a 3 story house with my gaming room on the bottom floor. If I just want to play some quick XBL action, or video chat with someone, etc I do not want to have to go all the way down stairs. I may do the same and get a second PS3 once I play it more and the PSN improves on things I want, in game chat, in game, XMB, etc.

Back on topic, disgrees, huh. I am jus stating fact, this was my personal experience. I do not know how someone can diagree with fact, but oh well.

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M0KILLaU3962d ago

Great article it almost makes me want to have a, wait i can't even finish that line of thought. But just imagine all the fn rad things to pull on M$. It would be cool to hear all the things gamers did to or can think of doing to magna soft.

Hapimeses3962d ago

Much of the article is a bit silly as it suggests persecution of low-paid people that have nothing to do with Microsoft's decisions to build a machine with such high hardware failures; that said, packing the RRoD XBox in a PS3 or Wii box when sending it back did make me laugh. Pointless: yes; but still a little funny.

Anyway, I can't see anything good coming of this story, so I won't approve it; although I'm sure others may.

Bleyd3962d ago

But how often do you get a chance to see one of the executives at MS so you can throw a pie in his face for your troubles?

nix3962d ago

it was funny to read. the PS3 demo, the fart (not you mart) and the PS3 box parts were too good! q: