Exclusive: iPhone 2.0 Unlocked with Modified Beta Firmware, Runs Any Application

Gizmodo writes:

"The beta firmware that comes with the iPhone SDK has been modified to unlock and jailbreak the iPhone, even before its public release. Part of the Pwned Project, the hacked firmware will allow you to do anything you want, including the installation of both official and unofficial apps, and even patches. We got the exclusive details directly from the DevTeam, including the fact that it is going to be extremely hard for Cupertino to close this new hole:

'pwned firmware means it's custom [firmware], you can have it install anything you would ever want :-) Pwned works with some magic, it will be hard to close but nothing is impossible (from Apple) with a mindtwist. But first, we will enjoy :)"

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decapitator3925d ago

Bet, this thing will be TOTALLY hacked in the months to come. With the SDK been available, it is just a matter of time.

butterfinger3924d ago

but I must say that since they are adding some pretty amazing games, I won't necessarily feel the need to have my Touch hacked anymore. Well, I might want to keep my emulators... Damn it.

decapitator3924d ago

You would be surprised how much free applications and things you will get for free if the hack becomes mainstream. And with Apple charging for even common updates, you should someone will definitely make something to offset that.

mighty_douche3924d ago

I'd hope these guy's will keep the custom upto date with Apple's like Dark_aleX for the PSP. Wishful thinking perhaps.

decapitator3924d ago

Wishful thinking alright but not too far fetched, I could see that happening if the iPhone is totally hacked but that will take months-years before that happens.

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mighty_douche3924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

Right, I'm buying a iPhone, this is going to be better than the PSP homebrew!

£300 MS touch... in your pocket... with a phone on it.