Bungie Weekly Update

From Bungie.net: "Frankie is still in Aruba, but Sketch and I decided he's having too much fun so we looped him into the update. Thursday morning, we launched a coordinated trolling of several major Halo boards across the net, asking for questions for the Weekly Update and sent them along for him to answer."

calderra6341d ago

Why was this update approved as news? Shoudnlt we be linking all the other developer diaries out there, then?

zonetrooper56340d ago

Most of my news usually gets disaproved so they might be making it up to me :P


These Capcom Classics Need a Resi-Style Remake

From complete reimaginations to perfect refinements Capcom have breathe new life into classic titles. so which others should they tackle?

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Knightofelemia2h ago

Dino Crisis would be day one for me.


Star Citizen Launches Massive Capital Ship Capture Event as New Space Combat Mechanics Are Discussed

Developer Cloud Imperium Games is continuing to evolve its space sim Star Citizen, with a new event and a look at new upcoming features and content.

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Jin_Sakai1h ago

In other news.

Star Citizen’s live game director is leaving his position after nine years at CIG (which has not released one single game)

SimpleSlave1h ago(Edited 1h ago)

Maybe the real released game was the friends we made along the way...

Markdn1h ago

Yawn, and in more exciting news, paint dries

RedDevils14m ago

Can we not promote this scammer here.


New Rainbow Six Siege’s Year 9 Operation Deadly Omen Reveals

This looks like great fun. Today, Ubisoft revealed the first season of Rainbow Six Siege’s Year 9, Operation Deadly Omen. This season introduces Deimos, the first playable villain Operator in-game, improvements to current anti-cheat solutions including data bans on machine learning and meaningful changes to attachments and shields that reinforce tactical gameplay.