Toshiba, MS, and Panasonic started a working commitee on DVD2 format, recreating HD-DVD experience on DVD

At the same meeting, according to a summary posted on the Forum Web site, the committee approved the formation of a new working group (dubbed WG-12) "to study and specify network applications and related network specification of DVD Forum formats, make recommendations for better interoperability and functionality of network-connected DVD Forum specified devices and content and communicate on relevant recommendations with other standard creation organizations."

What that means in non-Forum legalese, I'm told by sources familiar with the plans, is that the new working group will look for ways to incorporate some of the same next-gen functionality developed for HD DVD into a DVD 2.0 format, including the HDi interactive layer and the advanced network connectivity.

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Cherchez La Ghost3962d ago

Some spirits will just not die. This is good for us?! Why?!

-Lower the price for Blu-Ray players to $200.
-Let Blu-Ray movies start at the same price of DVD9.

If this is true, DVD 2.0 already has the upper hand. Upscaled DVD9 players outnumber Blu-Ray almost 10-1. IF they market DVD 2.0 just like Blu-Ray, this will be Blu-Ray's ultimate fight.

ruibing3962d ago

How can HDi and some of these other features be compatible with existing DVD players when most of them don't have flash memory or internet connectivity?

Besides, it's only holding the physical media market back with a capability no larger than DVD-9 with MPEG2 encoding. MS is probably doing this to generate some additional revenues and to hope it helps get more people to go along with DLC.

zapass3961d ago

sour losers are not afraid of ridicule, it's repetitive but quite entertaining.

bring it on xbottox, amuse us, we may throw a bone in return.

Marty83703962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

Without movie studio support nothing can ressurected HD-DVD.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

Cherchez La Ghost3962d ago

DVD already has studio support. This is just to upgrade DVD9. Did you read the article? Or you was just fast to shoot down the fact that MS and Toshiba names were in the article.

xfrgtr3962d ago

Marty8370 Totally agree

decapitator3962d ago

Last I heard, Toshiba was getting ready to build some nuclear plants.

TriggerHappy3962d ago

Wonder what they could be doing with a nuclear plant ? Perhaps making something to blow up blu-ray ?

InMyOpinion3962d ago

Nucelar plants?!?! Terrrists?!!

gixxxer3961d ago

Mini nuclear plants for in house to power all your electronics!

rawg3961d ago

Toshiba became one of the largest manufacturers of nuclear power plants when they acquired westinghouse electric a few years ago.

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predator3962d ago

this could halt blu ray sales a bit

ruibing3962d ago

Only if they manage to get this working completely on all existing players, not an easy task since it asks for advanced interface and internet connectivity that most players don't support.

predator3962d ago

true but its deffently interesting

rawg3961d ago

unless they can somehow increase the capacity of the DVD there is no way they can put an HD movie on 1 disk.

all this is about is adding some of the HDi and network connectivity features onto a regular standard definition disk.

nirwanda3961d ago

runs at 720p on my toshiba non scaling dvd player when useing progressive scan though component leads.

gaffyh3961d ago

I doubt they will be able to make it work on existing DVD players, most likely you will have to buy a new player because my dvd players is a crappy cheap one and the company who make it probably won't even release firmware for it. Lol.

Do Toshiba and MS want to lose more money?

rawg3961d ago

are you sure? usually DVD's are encoded at 480p (720X480) or 576p (720×576) depending on whether you have a NTSC or PAL version. They are also usually encoded at 25-30 FPS. This matches the highest resolutions you can typically get on an SDTV.

nirwanda3961d ago

I have a toshiba SD-340E with it set to progresive scan mode running though the component leads both my infocus projector and my panasonic lcd tv display the signal at 720p every other dvd I have ever tried displays at 576p

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tweaker3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

MS is only doing this to push their proprietary format. HDi.

They should really call it quits already.