User-generated content in Home

The creative director and lead artist of Home want to push user-generated content as a feature, but recognise that moderation and the quality bar are big issues.

"From day one we're going to give [users] basic customisation, analogous with other games," John Venables told

"But we will hopefully be increasing the tools that we give to users over time, to give them more control, maybe to ultimately provide their own content."

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decapitator3968d ago

Can't wait to be able to move my pr0n around all over the place. Ahem..

Am happy to see Sony making Home sort of like youtube. Anything that give power to the users open the possibilities to some amazing creativeness.

Lifendz3968d ago

you know that's what a lot of guys are going to have in their "home". You'll walk in and there'll be porn everywhere.

Me, I have Ninja Scroll (a classic), some Boondock episodes, Robot Chicken, and Family Guy on my HDD. Feel free to stop by and watch some shows, listen to some music, and get some multiplayer going.

PSN ID: Lifendz

Bolts3968d ago

Home will be a great source of free porn. I can't wait.

MikeGdaGod3968d ago

i already got pictures up in my Home Space. can't wait for them to let us add video.

JoelR3968d ago

personal spaces are just that - invite only.
That means that I don't care what you have in your personal space - I am not going to accidently wander into your private area.

So you can have your porn but it won't be public and even the user created content will be moderated.

"but recognise that moderation and the quality bar are big issues"

also sharing of images and video is not possible in home other then as a streamed event inside your own private space (this was decided so that PSN could not be used to share pirate videos)

peksi3968d ago

but the real potential comes when users will be able to create their own environments. Anyone remember MUD? :)

Junior45653968d ago

about the user created spaces and what you can do and what you can't do really and also if you can make your own mini games that would be great

incogneato3968d ago

Agreed, user generated content on Home would be absolutely amazing.

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MURKERR3968d ago

just hurry up and give us the damn thing

Lifendz3968d ago

"Good things come to those who wait."

That's been proven true time and time again with the PS3. From waiting for it even though it came out after...well u know what.

From waiting for the great games and waiting on the devs to figure out who to use it.

To now waiting for Home and in-game XMB, along with Accomplishments.

It's all coming guys. But rushing it out would not be good for anyone.

MURKERR3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

those who are made false promises move on!!!

time for sony to stop talking and start delivering thats my opinion of course but come on, ingame XMB was scheduled to be released with the console, still havnt got it

and home was meant to be released last year still aint got it

fair dues to all you who dont mind the waiting but its the promises that really get to me, and then being let down time and time again by sony

id rather them just keep their mouth shut and release it when they know its ready rather than false promises its frustrating

my opinion

cellypower3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

A bit like the Gmail roll-out?
RF: "Yes, and that's really important to do. There was an article a few months ago that mentioned we were going to delay releasing Home, and everybody wondered what was going on, but I think that's a valid point. Senior management should be commended, because with a proposition like Home you only get a few chances at getting it right, and you've got to look at the product to see if it's the right time to release it".
And if it isn't, I think the phased approach of inviting more and more users is a valid one.
JV: "For me - and just me - the word "release" doesn't really work. For me, it's like turning the tap on bit by bit, rather than a light switch. Home will slowly open the floodgates, that's how I see it.
If there is a delay, we'll just turn it slower for a little while".

cellypower3968d ago

Sony needs to put more man power out there to speed up the process.

rawd3968d ago

Yes, because rushing things out to the market really works. Just ask the Microsoft R&D hardware dept.

Home will be ready when it is ready.

MURKERR3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

its not the delay its the promises

im a stern sony supporter but im not going to be a lemming or blinded.

i give kudos where its due but vent my anger also im not bias im fair, even sonys sh!t does stink im afraid.

if you know that what you are trying to acheive is overly ambitious dont give a release date, and im sorry sony have done this too many times from the actual PS3 itselt, to the psp, certain high profile games, home and xmb

i just cant condone it or fight their cause like most of you are on this topic

dont make promises you cant keep inform the consumer of your plans of course but dont give dates if you cant keep it its not happened once or twice its soo many occasions with sony and i for one am sick of it

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Dark_Overlord3968d ago

the first nude textures turn up, its inevitable.

I'll give them a week maybe two at the most :-D

Dark_Overlord3968d ago

from a USB external HD, because i'm thinking of getting a 750GB HD and I'd like to be able to plug it into the PC to transfer all the data to it then plug it into the PS3 for use on that.

Unreal013968d ago

Sounds good, as long as this doesn't delay Home any longer =[

whoelse3968d ago

The Home delay is a good thing as it improved home a lot, but i think not they just need to focus on iron out the bugs, and releasing it.