Playing as the Spud of War

It's one of the easiest unlockables in God of War: Chains of Olympus, and it fills our hearts with joy. The franchise is known for its wild and wacky costumes, and the Spud of War is no different. This carb-o-licious outfit may make Kratos a bit less menacing, but let's not forget that he can rip your body in half.

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Amp3969d ago

I like it when Kratos got French 'Fried' lol

LinuxGuru3969d ago

Funny stuff!

Kratos like potatoes!

mintaro3969d ago

lol i remember "cod of war"

onewinedangel3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

the real costume is the mime one is ultra hard to get but it worth the time ,just finish the game in god and u ll be able to use it ,is very funny cause u cant see ur sword nor gaunlet

TwissT3969d ago

Chef of War, Cod of War now Spud of War? I am excited for the God of War 3 costume.

KidMakeshift3969d ago

Maybe "Mom of War"

Kratos wearing his sunday dress with a sunflower hat to match