PX360 Review: Major League Baseball 2K8

Planet Xbox 360 review MLB2K8 and give it a very nice 9.1/10.

"With EA's recent renewal of their exclusive deal with the NFL, it reminded gamers of the limited options they have for sports titles. This year's one and only 360 Major League Baseball simulation-style offering attempts to buck the trend of slow to improve sports titles with a game that fixes nearly every nagging issue from the 2007 iteration. Those afraid the exclusive license agreements will kill innovation need look no further than 2K8's stellar Total Control pitching interface."

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kapedkrusader3969d ago

Here is a review from Gamespot which is much less bias:

Major League Baseball 2K8 Review (Gamespot)
0 MLB 2K8 is full of new ideas; unfortunately, it's also filled with technical problems.

The Good
* Signature styles for pitchers and hitters look great
* 2K cards is a promising new feature
* No shortage of game modes.

The Bad
* Bugs, glitches, and other technical problems mar nearly every
aspect of the game
* Frame rate is extremely poor during fielding
* Online play lags
* Collecting cards is cumbersome.

PX360 puts 2K8 on par with "The Show" with their score of 9.1, I've played both and can honestly say that "The Show" is the best baseball game I've ever played. Possibly the best made sports game I've ever played. To say that 2K8 comes close is a load of BS.