Forgotten Memories: Sixth Sense Developer Hopes To Bring Game To Wii U

Can you sense it?

Psychoz Interactive is hoping to bring survival horror Forgotton Memories: Sixth Sense to the Wii U eShop.

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Neonridr3594d ago

Looks interesting, would definitely pick this up if it drops on the eShop. Assuming it is priced accordingly.

lilbroRx3593d ago

Same here. They can definitely step up the lighitng on the Wii U version if ZombiU is anything to go by, but the game looks nice nonetheless.

Venoxn4g3594d ago

hmm, I am always for a decent horror :)

SAYGUH3594d ago

Wait a minute!? Silent Hill Shattered Memories? This game is just that but with guns & weapons