Take-Two financials: GTA versions the same with small differences - Confirmed

Videogaming247 reports that in an investor call following the release of Q1 financials yesterday, Take-Two confirmed that, aside from a slightly warmer color pallet on the PS3 version, the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Grand Theft Auto IV should look and run identically. Not that there was any real doubt about that.

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mighty_douche3905d ago

Great news for everyone (apart from "certain" people). Hopefully we can all just nuckle down and enjoy the game for what it is, not what it is on "x" console.

Lifendz3905d ago

even w/o the promise of DLC. Hard to think R* wouldn't work out something special for Sony (it is on Sony's console that their game received it's acclaim) but this is a time when money talks and....well you know the rest.

LightningPS33905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

"aside from a slightly warmer color pallet on the PS3 version, the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Grand Theft Auto IV should look and run identically."

from that, the PS3 version sounds better to me.

I mean a warmer color pallet is a good thing right?

Mr Playboy3905d ago

warmer color = washed color

ruibing3905d ago

It's just color temperature, no one can say what it means until both versions comes out.

@Mr Playboy
I usually take a pics of people on warm color setting and landscapes in cold color setting, and it does not mean either is "washed out". Read up if you will:

iMad3905d ago

XBOX360 better version anyway because of better GFX and more memory.

LastDance3905d ago

your funny.. and very smart.

you get an A.

PopEmUp3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

an F+++
back to topic "aside from a slightly warmer color pallet on the PS3 version" or else this would look completely identical from both version ps3 and the 360

Ri0tSquad3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

Pat on the back for you sir. Made my day.



TheExecutive3905d ago

lol... i always wonder if some of you guys are really as stupid in real life as you act in here.

LastDance3905d ago

gee...maybe i should have made it more clear that i was being sarcastic!...
thanks guyssssssssss

Elvfam5113904d ago

Dude it was born on a playstation console so calm down they decide they wanted to go over there and the xbox versions of gta sucked compare to the ps verisons

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xhi43905d ago

yeah i remember four previews stating that the PS3 version has warmer more realistc colours, while the 360 had more vibrant colours.

Both instances, if the user doesn't like I mean can easily change with different TV Settings.

Oh and IGN UK were the ones who said that the ps3 had less jaggies and more anti-aliasing effects than the 360 version, and it was a week behind the 360. (understandably, I mean even the PSM3 UK and France previews stated that the Sony Tech team have been optimizing the ps3 version and putting a lot of the background and extra workload on the SPU's, thus allowing for far smoother frame rate, texture streaming, less clipping, anti-aliasing effects, natural colour pallette use etc.)

Good news for PS3 GTA IV Buyers! (except for the DLC, cept I'm sure the 150+ hours of storyline and gameplay and 94+ exclusives to the ps3 will help their sorrow (not to mention MGS4, Eight Days, Getaway 3, War Devil, Motorstorm 2, Resistance 2, Tekken 6, Gran Turismo etc.))


PopEmUp3905d ago

you mean looking like a cartoon game man that what 360 owners want more color beside I just love children cause they're just full of hope

OpiZA3905d ago

An investor call?


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