FISHLABS announces Planet Riders 3D

FISHLABS, a leading developer of premium 3D mobile games, announces the release of Planet Riders3D, the ultimate 3D high-speed racing game for a broad range of Java handsets.

Planet Riders 3D is probably the fastest and most thrilling racing game ever seen on mobile devices. In wicked jet racers the player has to compete on orbital high-speed tracks against the most fearless pilots of the solar system. Permanent adrenaline rush is guaranteed. There are no rules, everything is allowed, even using laser guns, heat-seeking missiles and mines to win the deadly tournaments. In four different game modes (time attack, single race, tournament, Bluetooth multi player) six teams with 12 jets are waiting to be challenged on 10 different planets with extraordinary sci-fi style graphics.

Michael Schade, CEO of FISHLABS explains “With Planet Riders 3D, our 10th rich 3D title overall, once again we can prove that console-like gaming experience on mobile devices is not just another marketing buzz word. Planet Riders 3D features one-thumb controlled high-speed action with awesome 3D graphics running smoothly with up to 30 frames per second even at QVGA resolution.”

Planet Riders 3D is also based on FISHLABS’ mobile game engine ABYSS 2.0. The title is to be published by arvato mobile in EMEA and Superscape in AMERICAS in June 2006.

Click here to download an in-game video of Planet Riders 3D

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