Interview: Sony's Ron Festejo and John Venables - Home, Sweet Home

GamesIndustry.Biz writes: "One of the most anticipated releases of 2008 isn't a game, it's a social platform that will be served up free to any PlayStation 3 owner with an internet connection, and provide users with the ability to meet, play and customise their experience in a beautiful virtual environment.

That platform is Home, and has been in a beta test phase for almost a year - originally slated to be released late in 2007, the evolution of design has led to a more freeform approach and a gradually increasing base of beta users. spent some time with the project's creative director, Ron Festejo, and lead artist, John Venables, to find out some of the thinking that's gone into the what will become a very significant member of the virtual world community.

Q: The developments you've made are certainly quite different to the first designs that were published.

JV: We've got a small beta team testing it out and we want to listen to people's feedback. To be a social space, you have to be social in your thinking, and take on board people's criticisms, and be seen to be doing that as well. If people think something's not quite right, they'll see it's an organic, evolving service."

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azzam3969d ago

So Home idea came for Ps2? right ?