The Sims 3: First details - The Sims goes truly 'open world'

CVG reports via PC Gamer UK that the first details on The Sims 3 have been scooped up by PC Gamer UK and can be found in its latest issue, in subscribers' hands now.

What's the first important point about the sequel is that, according to the article, it appears that EA's development team has established the goal of reeling in the hardcore PC gaming fraternity. You know, the one that's previously turned its nose up at what's been perceived as a casual gaming experience that appeals only to girls.

The second important point is that Rod Humble, creative director of the Sims label, wants to break down barriers in the series with The Sims 3.

As reported in the magazine he explains how the team "let Sims wander freely through a town, take in the sights, not be constrained by the prison-like 'lots' of old games. He wants to turn the game into an open world, where Sims can stroll, meet their friends, go to work, interact with each other. And piss themselves in the gym. It's GTA: Pleasantville."

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aaron58293962d ago

Is it going to be announced for the consoles ?? I know consoles had the sims, but they were different than the PC games. I want the same game on consoles ! :(

Looks like i might need to get a new pc when this is out. And oh, I play the Sims with "motherlode". Reason ? I just love building houses. I dont really play the Sims, mind you.

Jen5en3962d ago

I thought this sounded cool, but then it hit me that EA was behind it. It's like that poster from Max Payne 2: "Everything I touch dies."

DeadlyFire3962d ago

You will not get the same game on the consoles either way. I am happy The Sims is staying at its home on the PC.

BigPappaPump3962d ago

I love the Sims but it won't be a day one purchase for me. I still need to complete my collection on the Sims 2.

benfinkel3962d ago

Is this not a game already release called 'Second Life' ?

SUP3R3961d ago

The Sims was here before Second Life....long before.
Second Life is a play off of the Sims except you spend real money.