MTV Multiplayer: Is 'Bourne' A Better Bond? A Look At The Newest Secret Agent Game

MTV Multiplayer writes: "You play a secret agent with special abilities tasked with taking out any foreign baddies who get in your way.

And your story is based on a series of popular books and films.

No, you're not James Bond - you're Jason Bourne.

When San Diego-based developer High Moon Studios ("Darkwatch") began working on the video game adaptation of the "Bourne" movie franchise, they knew they wanted to stay true to the protagonist. Paul O'Connor, vice president and design director at High Moon, said the challenge was to make an action-packed game while remaining faithful to the complex character that is Jason Bourne:"

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TrevorPhillips3963d ago

ummm i dont know about that i mean bond has lived longer and i reckon the new one will be amazing so no nothing beats bond

sonarus3963d ago

lets not kid ourselves this game will be nothing special

azzam3963d ago

Bourne is newly born baby
and of course Bod is Bond :)Great

waiting for movie COS... :)