How Far Does Your Gaming Dollar Go?

We all have that pesky problem. You know where we have to balance our wants with the reality of our wallet. Take for instance this coming fall. There is no less than 7 must have games being released. At $60 a pop though who will be buying them all?

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TrevorPhillips3962d ago

perhaps very far for your concern. Thats why Microsoft owns 50% of youur money

Tempist3962d ago

Someone forgot to factor in 'inflation'. All and all, if you want cheap long games, go for nintendo. Sony and MS aren't exactly going to drop their development costs to push out Wii type games every week.

Horny Melon3962d ago

A game cost $50 US two years ago.

Tempist3962d ago

Well $50 10 years ago is not $50 today. Not to mention the inflation in making games as well.

Raider693962d ago

its a good time for us EUROPEANS to import!free region for every game!

thisguywithhair3962d ago

I totally agree that games are getting shorter and easier. I recently beat TimeShift after only two days, 2-3 hours of playing each day. I was so disapointed that I almost took the game back.

ultraviolentz3962d ago

if only games in australia cost 60$... i would buy every one then

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