Video games marketing and you: What industry terms really mean

More than any other entertainment industry, the gaming industry runs on hype. Very rarely, a game with little marketing will become a success, and the hype machine fuels a lot of release day sales.

Marketing your game takes a very special vocabulary. A developer or PR rep will normally throw out a lot of words, and most gamers take it at face value, unable to extract the truth from all of the padding.

That's why MEGATONik is here to help: here are the the most annoying words used by the games industry, and what they mean (or whether they mean anything at all).

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Harry1903970d ago

good article.
a nice read.nuff said.

Charlie26883970d ago

I actually find very interesting how in this gen more than the others the number 1 method of a company to sell you a game and tell you its AAA is based EXCLUSIVELY on hype and hype alone and people eat like popcorn without even questioning.

Ironically the people that is suppose to see thru this the reviewers many times fall for the same trap and achieve the companies goal of making a title AAA out of single spark of hype among a unaware audience