Harmonix Sue, Then Unsue, Activision

More Guitar Hero lawsuits! Don't make that face, you know you can't get enough of them. This time around it's series creator Harmonix on the legal warpath, who have (briefly) sued current franchise holders Activision over unpaid royalties. Seems the contract signed by Harmonix and Red Octane over the original Guitar Hero contained a clause that said Harmonix would earn one of two royalty payment schemes if they ever left the series.

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TrevorPhillips3966d ago

ok thats a stupid thing to do lol

TrevorPhillips3966d ago

why would they sue them then unsue them lol

Expy3966d ago

Hopefully they can slip in the PS3 RockBand compatibility patch into the negotiations... As well as get some hard cash ;)

Rocko3966d ago

"...with even the hint of a long, bitter legal battle enough to convince Activision that taking this to court would not end well."