SEGA’s Mysterious PS3 and PS Vita - First Screenshots

SEGA’s Mysterious PS3 and PS Vita title is Sakatsuku: Let's Make a Pro Soccer Club, a football/soccer title. It’ll support cross-play and cross-save features, and features over 100 clubs and 6 leagues are included.

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ForzaGT3655d ago

another soccer game, interesting both vita and ps3 cross play

Snake-eater3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

its looks mix up between manger and playing, this may work if sega can do it differently then what we have now ,FIFA and Pro have got huge share in this market

redwolf3655d ago

the cross play and cross, could be the game seller, especially if they include football manger

Abdou233655d ago

Always wanted a company to have enough balls to compete with FIFA & PES, because let's be honest, both games are filled with mistakes. But i don't think that SEGA is the company that can pull that off. Let's wait and see....

1nsomniac3655d ago

Im interested.. Tell me more!

Sandmano3655d ago

Mixing manager and actually playing is great. It looks arcadey BUT respect to drag for entering a market that already has PES and EA very brave.

knifefight3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

Well they're not really "entering" it. The Sakatsuku series has been around since 1996. There are tons of PSP, DS, Dreamcast, and PS2 games in this series. You can see the box art images on the series' official website:

Sandmano3655d ago

I know I've played the old sega football games but when was that? Ok re-entering then...

knifefight3655d ago

The most recent one was only a year and a half ago, Sakatsuku 7, which released in August of 2011.

In 2010, the series had 2 releases, with an online game and a DS game. It's not really "re-entering," because it never really went away.

I also don't believe they've ever left Japan. Did you import? Which one did you play? I'd like to know if they're any good.

ForzaGT3655d ago

i think this is more aimed at Japan then the world

blackbirdi3655d ago

i want virtua strike :'(

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The story is too old to be commented.