Deus Ex 3 First Look

Gameplayer has an article up on Deus Ex 3, the third game in the legendary Sci-Fi action RPG series.

"If the foetus, whose nametag reads 'Emile', is an adult character in Deus Ex 3, that puts the setting five years before the events of the original."

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Harry1903926d ago

this can only be good news.

Charlie26883926d ago

To be honest I am not really exited about Deus Ex 3 even when i was a huge fan of the first one, why? cuz I guarantee you it will receive the same treatment as 2 for the obvious reasons and we will end up with the same result and comparison to 2 if people would want one that actually followed 1 and had the same level of quality I knowing this site most people wouldn't like to hear the simple and yet honest answer

but you cant help it when companies grab old IPs butcher them to death, change things left and right and feed them to a crowd that has no idea of what they are getting only that is suppose to be good, primary examples of it? Oblivion, Bioshock and the upcoming Fallout 3

MK_Red3926d ago

I agree with all of your points except BioShock. Sure, it wasn't a deep RPG like System Shock but it wasn't meant to be (Except for when it was still early in developement but we know how no publisher showed interesr until they went for more action FPS approach).

BioShock is meant to be a shooter and the design approach the team took really paid off IMO. Sure, many ideas were taken from SS2 and Deus but they were transmited into more action powers and the focus of gameplay was using these powers against intellegent enemeis (Using Irrational's superb AI system) for enemy vs player and enemy vs enemy relations.
Plus, how can you say that about a game with Big Daddies?

As for Deus Ex 2 and Fallout 3... I sadly have to agree. While I'm eagerly anticipating Fallout 3, I know that it won't be neither same or close to the original and will be much lighter and shallower than the legendary originals. With that said, I'm rather positive that it will be more complex and advanced than at least Oblivion.

Tempist3925d ago

I disagree with you on this. Remember that Deus Ex was PC only. PC only games tend to have quite the depth to them where as their multiplatform counter parts tend to get shaft on things mostly because it has to be playable on the weakest of the systems. Also things as minor as the controller interfere with the game quality over all.

An example of how the controller degrades the game over all would be BioShock. An inventory would have been nice, but doesn't work well with the 360 Controller. Oblivion's inventory was dumbed down as well in it's way.

Fallout 3 looks to be having quite the compromise with game play and interface, probably from their experience with Oblivion. But I will say that given the team put together for making Deus Ex 3, there's much potential to make quite the fine game. Give it time and wait to see what develops from it.

SlappingOysters3926d ago

Eidos did a pretty good job at resurrecting Tomb Raider... maybe they can do the same for Deus Ex

I didn't think Invisible War was terrible, it was more that the original was so frickin' sweet

Fux4Bux3926d ago

Not really excited because they're just going to butcher the game by dumbing it down for consoles. It'll be decent I'm sure but nothing special and nothing deep.


Too bad for you, DX 1 AAANNNDDD 2 were amazing games. If you don't want the third, don't buy it. I hope you don't. I'm sure the rest of us will enjoy our conspiracy game.

Gorgon3926d ago

That BS about "dumbing down for consoles" is a fashion that already stinks. Developers dumb games down so that they sell more, not because its played on a console. Even if consoles didn't exist the trend would be for dumbing down anyway, since it sells more (unfortunately).

If you want things to change, then just don't buy the games and make a statement.

MK_Red3926d ago

Wasn't Harvey Smith the producer and not the lead designer!? I though Warren Specter was the lead.

Ghoul3926d ago

warren specter is the man behind deus ex your right about that

French_Dude3925d ago

I might be wrong but I think that Warren Spector was the lead designer of the first Deus Ex but not of the second one. Smith was the lead on Invisible War.

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