Apple Still Won't Sell You A Computer Because You've Got Too Many Gift Cards

If you thought this meant that you could use as many gift cards as you wanted in order to buy a computer from Apple, you'd be wrong.

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spandexxking3962d ago

agreed. whats the difference? i know apple have the rights to stop from using all the gift cards but why? its not like their losing money.

BrianC62343962d ago

You'd think Apple would want every sale they can get when it comes to selling Macs. Maybe this person can email Steve Jobs and tell him his company won't sell them a Mac. Maybe Steve Jobs will blow up and force these idiots to change their policy. These cards should be like cash. Do they only accept up to four or six bills when it comes to paying with cash?

permutated3961d ago


Why would you think that?

Oh and this is the same company that doesn't ring you up on a register for a laptop, they just carry around credit card machines.

Cheap pieces of sh*t.

DonSqueak3962d ago

It's been argued it might be fraud-prevention or just a systemic insufficiency in their store software. Regardless, they should have a workaround, really, no need to make customers want to choose another pc maker.

Tempist3962d ago

Yeah the work around is basically merging the cards together into one super card. I've had it done for me in the past.

But here's what I want to know, why the hell does Apple make gift cards? Are they really that popular?

TheForgotten0ne3962d ago

Apple has the coolest Computer you can get, but they are doing so many stupid things.
If they just played their cards a little bit better they would have been way larger

The Lazy One3961d ago

played their cards right... get it guys?

it's a pun... (sry if that kind of comment isn't allowed, I just thought it was funny :(.)

JoelR3962d ago

actually - the database at an unnamed company that I used to work for is limited to a max of 9 payment types 8 of which can be gift cards (last is reserved for cash or credit to make sure it covers the value of the product)
It's more of a database issue then a "we don't want to take your giftcard" issue. They probably have no desire to redesign their entire database for the 1-2% of people a year that have more then 6 gift cards.
Bad Initial Database design always comes back to haunt you .

The Lazy One3961d ago

They still only allow 6 cards in their actual store according to the article, and rewriting their database or at least taking a phone order through customer service would probably be cheaper than a lawsuit.

AceLuby3961d ago

You can't deny the use of gift cards, or have expiration dates on gift cards. The reason is that you have already paid money for 'future' goods and services. Just because you paid for them in small amounts does not deny you the right of using them for said goods and services.

DonSqueak3961d ago

They can use them alright, just not all at once. That's morally questionable, but not illegal. As I mentioned above, I still think they should redeem them, cos that's all just silly and contraproductive.

permutated3961d ago

Gift cards have mile long terms and conditions, they also go down in value, whether you like it or not, it's a sick world.

Write a letter.

JoelR3959d ago

2 things:

expiry being illegal - depends on where you are.

limited per transaction is also legal - you can still use them just not all on one transaction. (Standard Boiler Plate terms and conditions)