Capcom working on a "top secret" Xbox 360 game

Siliconera reports that earlier today, Capcom opened their doors to Bay Area gamers interested in spending an afternoon playing one of their new games. A set of photos from the test are now online and one of them teases us with black boxes over the monitors. While we can't see the title in question there are Xbox 360 development units adjacent to the flat screen TVs and a 360 pad in someone's lap. It seems likely the unknown title is going to be an Xbox 360 game.

Could this be a test for Lost Planet Colonies? While Capcom has yet to say anything official about a potential Lost Planet follow up many, many ratings boards have Lost Planet Colonies in their database. The room happens to have Lost Planet artwork on the wall too, which may or may not be a coincidence.

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sonarus3970d ago

i live in bay area. Tried to get in to this but alas i wasn't chosen. From the applicant form i was pretty certain it was SF

Cyrus3653970d ago

If so, it's still interesting that the devs they have is 360, I thought Capcom said it would be moving multiplat games on either PC and then from their code it respective consoles, or to PS3 first then 360, as it's easier that way, then the other way around.

sonarus3970d ago

capcom never said they would move from ps3 to 360 they have maintained they would move from pc to individual consoles. My guess is
1. either its multiplatform and ps3 version is lagging behind due to lack of attention by capcom
2. Its an exclusive 360 game.

DiabloRising3970d ago

Yeah, didn't Capcom make a huge stink about how all future projects would now be multiplatform when they ported DMC4? Let's see if that promise holds water.

Lifendz3969d ago

Although it's a bit strange that Capcom-a japanese company-is showing so much exclusive love to 360-which is failing in Japan. But hey, I know you 360 guys are happy.

mikeslemonade3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

It can't be that top secret if random gamers are chosen to see it. It's probably your random Dead Rising or Lost Planet.

wow4u3969d ago


Why would that suprise you? Capcom can read. The install base for Xbox 360 is 18M, the PS3 is about 9M.

They can see the sales. They know that Xbox 360 owners are responsible for 42% of the current generation spending.

Capcom is like every other firm. They are in this to make money.

And, Xbox 360 owners are driving the industry.

mralexander3969d ago

You most likely got your information from, but it's weird how you round up 17.5mil xbox360's to 18mil and down PS3's 10.77mil to 9 mil.

Capcom is more likely trying to appeal more to an American fan base when releasing a Lost Planet sequel, and seeing how it performed in sales for the PS3, I wouldn't be surprised that it was a 360 exclusive.

MADGameR3969d ago

Because the PS3 EVEN without games can pwn 360.

Nevers3969d ago

I don't think it's a super secret un-announced game we haven't heard of yet BUT RATHER the "secret" was which game, that we've already heard of, is the one that they are playtesting. Or that's how I read the article.

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Cyrus3653970d ago

For the record I doubt it's Lost Planet Colonies (Testing) when we haven't even heard about the game being officially announced.

To me it might be Bionic Commando, or SF IV, or something that capcom has announced, and is far along in development, that it'd warrent this kind of testing.

Bnet3433970d ago

Bionic Commando and SF4 are so top secret that I haven't even heard about them ..... >_>

jackdoe3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

Probably Bionic Commando. Capcom JP games would be focus tested in Japan and the only game that Capcom USA has on their plate right now is Bionic Commando.
I had completely forgotten about Dark Void. Probably this game.

Alcaponeyou3970d ago

unless it's something epic, i don't care.

Bnet3433970d ago

Epic could work with Capcom on something I suppose. Maybe Gears of Evil?

Alcaponeyou3970d ago

on the scale of zelda Oot?

The Killer3969d ago

so whether its top secret or top public it doesnt make a difference!
and since its 360 game then i will most probably be 9GB game which is between last gen and current gen games!!!

SH0GUN_13969d ago

X$haft sux. Why produce something exclusively for them???


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Bnet3433970d ago

Dead Rising 2? Full Battalion 360? Auto Modelista 2? Megaman X360? Strider 3? PowerStone 3? Resident Evil Outbreak File 3?

Cyrus3653970d ago

why would it be a game that we haven't even heard, or offically announced. How would they keep it all under wraps (Not even announce it) and be in testing mode already. Games rarely if ever follow that method.'s Resident Evil 5. But it's definitely a game that has been my opinion.

jackdoe3970d ago

Like I said man, Dark Void. A Capcom USA game, announced, coming out this year, but not seen yet. Fits the bill.

Cyrus3653970d ago

Yeah Dark void definitely fits the bill...

GUNS N SWORDS3970d ago

I hope it's a remake of the old RE, 0,1,2,3 or code veronica, i use to have them all back when i had a GC.

Any of those games would really help me broaden my selection.

Bnet3433970d ago

yeah they need to make like some kind of resident evil game on xbox 360 to start a RE fanbase on the xbox 360. it will pull some dead rising owners for sure, we have to wait and see what capcom does, hope its good.

jackdoe3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

A game of the magnitude of an RE remake would not involve open testings so you guys should tone down your expectations a bit. Bionic Commando is what I believe it to be (US focus testing for a game made by Capcom USA) or Dark Void?!